Move it. Then Shake it.

Hit the gym then hit the shake bar. The ESF team has over 25 years of experience in the restaurant business, so it’s safe to say we can mix a good drink. We’ve poured our expertise into crafting the perfect nutritious shake – with advice from our PTs and nutrition experts.

Fuel your goals

Hit the gym

Work yourself into the ground, torch the fat, build the muscle and keep in mind that it’s going to end with something delicious.

Hit the showers

Refresh yourself in the state-of-the-art East Street Fitness locker rooms.

Hit the bar

Grab yourself an ESL shake from the bar to help recovery, encourage muscle growth and simply enjoy a damn tasty, protein-filled beverage.

And relax

Once you’re tooled up with your shake, and burnt out from your workout, take a pew and chill out in the Break Out zone. With comfy sofas, relaxing music, low-level lighting, USB charging ports and protein-packed refreshments, this is the life.

    if you’d like to join us or are interested in teaching a class please get in touch