Training just got personal

Any goal, any level of experience, any ability. If you want to create the new you, our personalised workout experience is what you’re looking for.

Train together, at your own pace

East Street Fitness group training sessions are designed by training experts to allow groups to train at the same time, but to different levels of intensity and with different individual goals. You’ll be able to join any group session, and get exactly what you want out of it, whether it’s your first time in a gym or you’re a seasoned lifter. Our workouts are scientifically developed to promote fat loss and muscle gain, and to improve overall fitness.

Different class

Full Body Burn - HIIT

45 Minute High Intensity Interval Workout. Designed to train both your aerobic and anaerobic system, perfectly topped off with some weighted resistance training.

Core Cruncher

30 Minute core cruncher workout. Designed to give you the well-rounded core everyone aspires to have. Promotes perfect muscular balance and good posture.

Lower Body Blitz

45 Minute class designed to give you the ultimate leg burn. A combination of resistance and bodyweight work to challenge your strength, flexibility and balance. COMING SOON!

Backs, Bi’s & Tri’s

45 Minute upper body session, designed to give you the ultimate pump. Book with our lower body class for the perfect pairing. COMING SOON!

45 Minute HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training challenges the anaerobic system of the body to work. This provides the body with multiple benefits such as; strengthened bones, the burning of body fat, building and maintaining of muscle mass. Active rest periods are used to also work the aerobic system of the body, along with functional floor exercises, this workout provides you all the benefits of a well rounded exercise plan squeezed into a convenient 45 minute class for you! Whether you are looking to tone up, lose weight, improve your overall health and fitness or simply have fun with likeminded people, this is the workout you need. We recommend attending this class 2 times a week to support you alongside a healthy lifestyle, or as many times as you want to see an incredible transformation!

20 Minutes Body Weight activation and coordination

Aimed to increase heart rate, improve strength, flexibility, stability, endurance, resilience and determination.

25 Minutes Cardio and Resistance Rounds

Alternating interval cardiovascular rounds with full body focussed resistance work provides a complete well-rounded workout. Guaranteed to raise the pulse, improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen and tone the muscles, all in a safe, fun and supportive environment.


– Improved cardiovascular health
– Improved co-ordination
– Increased full body strength
– Be part of a supportive growing community
– Lifted mood

Core Cruncher

Achieve that strong, well-rounded core everybody aspires to have with our 30 minute Core Cruncher class. A perfect balance of compound and isolated movements to engage, activate and strengthen your entire core, not just the abdominals. This class ensures the correct approach is used among each and every member to allow for correct muscular balance and a guaranteed improved posture!

Compete against classmates in our CORE FINISHER at the end of each class for the best results, and the chance to appear on our leaderboard!

    if you’d like to join us or are interested in teaching a class please get in touch