Here at East Street Fitness we have a variety of cardio machines for you to test the limits of your interval training. Our free weights are used in every workout for the ultimate resistance burn. We guarantee mats for everyone for the ultimate comfort when performing those tricker exercises, and a range of steps to add versatility to our workout plans. Finish your first class with a polaroid photo of you smiling and sweaty to be a part of our community wall, we can’t wait to see you in the studio.

We boast a large workout space with plenty of mirrors to check correct form, shock absorbing flooring to protect your knees, the latest in heart rate monitoring technology to squeeze the most out of every single workout and a brand new lighting rig to cater to any mood of workout you desire.

Our brand new changing rooms include 5 showers (2 female, 2 male and 1 accessible), lockers, hair dryers and access to toilets. We are also proud to provide complimentary toiletries, removing the need for you to carry that large bottle of shampoo to work and back with you in your bag. We are happy to provide shower gel, shampoo, soaps and lotions. Towels are also available to loan from our front desk, simply ask!

Get in the zone

Break out

Sofas, ambient lighting, chilled vibes and community feel - the Break Out zone is the calm centre, the eye of the storm before and after you throw yourself into your workout.

Shake bar

Fitness doesn’t start and end with getting active. Nutrition is everything, so we’re developing our Shake Bar to fuel ESF members with perfectly balance shakes. Keep your eyes peeled. COMING SOON!

High speed wi-fi

ESF is about switching off from the outside world and intensifying your workout, but sometimes you’re going to need your phone. So high-speed wi-fi is a given.

Showers & Lockers

Clean up after your workout and keep your belongings safe in our state-of-the-art changing rooms. Forgotten anything? Simply ask one of our trainers!


Myzone is bringing fun, fair fitness to clubs and gyms around the world. Reward effort over image with an immersive fitness experience that gives your people results they can see. Stay connected, organise challenges and create your own community, no matter where your members work out.

Based on YOUR maximum heart rate

Rewarding effort over perfection

Track and receive feedback in real time

Achieve MEPs + win prizes for attendance

Connect with class mates over the Myzone app

Here at East Street Fitness we are incredibly excited to use Myzone technology to elevate our classes, regular attendance is rewarded with Myzone points (MEPs) which can be used to cash in prizes. Ask our staff in the gym for more information about Myzone to find out how you can get more out of your workouts.

    if you’d like to join us or are interested in teaching a class please get in touch