Happy Wednesday guys!

This week’s blog is all based around the new 6-Week Summer Reset Programme.

Announced on Monday and launching on the 19th of July, we are incredibly excited to deliver this programme to help you reach your goals!

Simply sign up on our website and email us to book in your 1-hour goals consultation. In the meantime, have a think about your fitness goals and come ready with an idea of what you would like to achieve in these 6 weeks.


Within this consultation we will aim to gain an understanding of your daily life, your occupation and what that entails with regards to your physical body. We will discuss elements of your lifestyle and diet that you are comfortable with disclosing and discuss ways in which we can limit stress, injury and illness within your life. We will also discuss goals, barriers and factors within your life to help you accelerate your fitness. We will set some SMART goals with honest achievable boundaries set around your life. There’s no point us telling you to attend class every day at 7:30am if you don’t finish work until midnight the night before! We are here to set up sustainable, long-term changes for you to implement into your life for a healthier you rather than to put you through a bootcamp for you to drop off the radar again at the end of the intense period. We want to keep you exercising regularly whether that be to lose weight, gain muscle or to look after your long-term health, bone density, posture, mental health anything! Repetition is the foundation of building good habits and what better habits are there than regular exercise?


You will then receive comprehensive support throughout the whole journey with weekly guided check-ins on a Sunday to set you up for a positive week ahead.

You will be prompted to consider the challenges of the previous week and your goals for the following week, in addition to a few other elements. Your trainer will then interact with you and discuss a plan for the following week, evaluate your progress so far and review your SMART goals with you in order to support you through the programme.

Added Extras:

Here at ESF we are determined to give you the best quality experience, so we will also be providing some fun PDF resources with our programme. All resources will be sent out on the first day of the programme to support you through the following 6 weeks. These will consist of meal prep advice, recipe ideas, facts and myth busters around exercise and diet, form tips and small workout circuits for you to try at home to improve your posture and boost your results!

You will also receive a FREE East Street Fitness t-shirt to wear to classes, wear it with pride and feel part of the community!!

Just before the programme begins, we will add every participant to a private Facebook group, here you can discuss progress, your wins throughout the week, bond over any difficulties you may have faced and make connections with people who like you are trying to make a healthy change for the better!!


We offer 5 different class types at East Street but regularly switch out the exercises to keep you entertained throughout the weeks! We run 15 classes on our timetable throughout the week so you can fit in your workout whenever you need! We offer a Full Body Burn – HIIT class which tests your interval training skills with some weighted work in there also, this is an excellent comprehensive workout if you want to get the whole-body pumping. Core Cruncher is excellent to improve your core strength and stability. This class challenges your core strength with 3 rounds throughout the class and pushes you with one heck of a finisher at the end!! Compete against classmates in our Core Finisher and be in with the chance of placing on our scoreboard! Next, we offer a ‘Backs, Bi’s & Tri’s’ class. This is circuit based, with a regular cardio element to keep your blood pumping throughout! This class is perfect for you if you are looking to build muscle and strength in your upper body and are also looking to challenge yourself with steady, functional cardiovascular work as we take you through 5 rounds! Once you have attended our upper body class, why not give our Lower Body Blitz a go? This superset-based class gets your legs working, guaranteed to target every muscle in the lower body. We mix up weighted and body-weight exercises to keep you engaged and challenged throughout the class, come in and see it for yourself! Finally, every Wednesday and Friday we offer ClubFit. This is an aerobics-based workout with a few fitness elements dotted throughout. Low lighting, dance music and groovy moves are a given! Arrive in neon and white clothing to glow under our UV lights and party the evening away! All classes are suitable for all levels, our small class sizes mean you get quality 1-1 feedback and attention, ensuring your technique improves in every session.

The competition:

Are you ready to take on the challenge???

Attend 2 classes a week for 6 weeks and commit to a healthier you! If you complete this challenge, you will be entered into a draw to WIN a £250 holiday voucher! One winner will be picked at random at the end of the course, do you think this could be you???

Any questions you have about our 6-Week Summer Reset, give us an email or DM us on Instagram @eaststreetfit. We will be more than happy to answer your questions!

Tune in next week to see what we discuss!

Allix 🙂

Head Trainer here at East Street Fitness