Lets Talk…

Happy Wednesday guys! Welcome to the second instalment of our blog here at East Street Fitness. I am Allix the Head Trainer here at ESF, this following post is dedicated to you and your customer experience. I hope this gives you a bit of an insight into what it will be like to attend classes and put you more at ease if experiencing apprehension. 

Let’s begin with the company ethos. The whole premise here is that we are a boutique fitness studio. This means a personal experience is our top priority, no more crammed studios leaving you fighting for room, we promise 1 to 1 attention from our trainers with real-time corrections to get the very best out of your workout. Our aim is to help you to set goals, be them long or short-term, to give intention to each and every one of your workouts. Gone are the days you turn up to the gym and jog on the treadmill without a plan. 

We take steps to allow you to look after your long-term health alongside your short-term fitness. It is very prevalent that we all feel pressure to look a certain way due to the bodies we see all over social media, magazines, tv shows and films. Just last night I was watching a film which appeared to worship a toned muscular body and mocked someone who had reservations about their own size. If these are the images being portrayed to us there is no wonder many of us feel like we have no idea where to begin or feel worthy of performing the same exercises. And yes, performative fitness is fine but unattainable to the everyday person. These physiques we see plastered on posters are filled with people who workout for hours a day everyday, follow extremely restrictive diets and eat sleep and breathe their sport. We should not be comparing ourselves to these people. We shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to anyone at all for that matter. 

Long-term health should be the goal for us all. Small, relatively easy steps to be taken to ensure we all lead a great quality of life and care for our longevity. Fitness can easily come and go, but your health is something you need to carry you through life and at all times throughout the day. Everyone deserves to be healthy, it should be a given in your daily life, something that should be celebrated. Our bodies are incredible things that allow us to walk, run, skip, create other humans, laugh, cry, swim, play football, dance, create, play and so many more things. Looking after the one unit we are guaranteed to use throughout all of these things should be our top priority. 

Within our HIIT classes we work both your aerobic system and your anaerobic system, with a range of movements from large and explosive to small and intentional. Aerobic exercise ensures a good foundation level of fitness, always long duration exercise which uses oxygen from the air to create energy for movement. Anaerobic exercise is more intense and aids the bodies ability to perform and adapt under stress. Regular participation in this type of exercise will leave you experiencing fat loss and increased respiratory health. You will find an increased value of life as climbing the stairs will become easier, picking up your kids will seem like a breeze, walking the dog will truly feel like a walk in the park and you will look incredible as a bi-product. 

The steps we take to look after your long-term health are carefully considered. A free 1 hour goals consultation is free to any customer of ours and we encourage you to book this in when you join us. This consultation is designed to find the areas in your lifestyle that we can enhance to ensure you lead the healthiest life possible. This won’t consist of us telling you to ditch the cake, what’s life without a bit of cake? I’m the first one to advocate still enjoying treats, but we help you find moderation in all aspects of life so you don’t have to worry. We put steps and plans in place to fully take care of the fitness aspect of your life so you don’t have to. 

I dabbled in this in my previous post, but I am a firm believer in everyone having hobbies. Hobbies are considered to be fun activities you do in your free time, you enjoy them and you look forward to them happening. The aim at ESF is to make each class you attend feel like a hobby, it should be fun and playful, enjoyable and leave you having learned a thing or two. The fun aspect is what keeps you coming back to a hobby so why should fitness be any different. Honour your body by moving it, enjoy being able to move as freely as we can as humans. Once you find the fun in moving, fitness and health become an added bonus. This is what we aim to achieve and replicate here at East Street Fitness. Working out should never be a punishment, it is a privilege. 

Finally I will outline a few fun things to expect in the future from ESF. Launching soon will be a custom 8-week programme designed to really make a difference to the lifestyle of those who have signed up. No previous fitness experience will be needed, the aim is to purely come out of those 8 weeks a better version of yourself than you went into them. You will discuss goals and aspirations to ensure everything you do in class takes you a step closer to your personal goals, and be part of a community of people for extra support and guidance throughout the process. If you want to know more about this programme simply ask in class or DM us on instagram. We will also shortly be working on our Shake Bar to allow our customers to refuel after their workouts. 

I hope this second blog post gave you a better insight into the work we do here at East Street Fitness and gives you a feel for what to expect when you come along to class! 

Allix 🙂